Getting The Best Poker Bonuses

By Arthur Walters

Any poker web site worth its salt offers [substantial|persuasive|significant|sizable] bonuses to entice casual players to sign up and invest their money with them. The most [popular|commonplace|prevalent|widespread] are those who offer to match the amount of your initial deposit subject to certain criteria being met - normally that you play so many raked hands within a certain period of time to [accumulate|assemble|collect|compile] points before the cash is released.

The obvious advantage to these schemes is the [perception|concept|view|thought] that it is "free money". For good players it is an added bonus and allows you to ultimately get into the higher stake games without [introducing|adding|infusing|injecting] too much of your own cash. For regular players still to make it into the higher [echelons|order|ranks|tier] of the poker world, it is an opportunity to extend your bankroll and gain valuable [experience|expertise|knowledge|wisdom]. And best of all, you can sign up to every site offering bonuses such as these, as there are rarely any exclusion clauses from preventing you from doing so.

One problem occurs when there is a fairly high amount of money [required|called for|needed|wanted] to invest in order to get on a site and try it out. Whereas you may be able to try the "play games" initially, what [happens|comes to pass|occurs|transpires] when you play for real, decide you do not like the site for any reason (ie insufficient players to provide a decent pot) and wish to pull out? You just have to walk away from the partial bonus you have [accrued|collected|built|accumulated] and get onto another site which offers you a better chance of winning some decent pots. Then, you are starting all over [again|once more|afresh|from scratch].

It is better to shop around and find a site that you are most [comfortable|relaxed|familiar|at ease] with. Compare the lobbies of the live games in different sites to see figures such as "hands per hour" and the average pot sizes before [deciding|choosing|determining|ascertaining] which is the site for you. There are other useful resources such as poker forums which will give you an indication of what you can expect, and this is invaluable [advice|information|guidance|counsel] for somebody just starting to get into the game for real.

It was mentioned earlier about the perception of free money, and this may lead to [recklessness|casualness|imprudence|thoughtlessness] when using it to stake games. Considering the bonus as somebody else's money might make you believe that it is not [important|relevant|disastrous|earthshaking] if you lose it. It is far better to consider it as an award for achieving a certain goal (as you would if you had won it at a table) and treat it as your own from day one. That way you will be more [cautious|calculating|prudent|thoughtful] when playing, play a tighter game and eventually come away all the richer.

Here ends the lesson - go forth and play poker! - 31897

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What Does Full Tilt Poker Rakeback Indicate And How Do You Obtain It?

By Kimba Podolsky

A lot of people have been asking this question lately: "What Is Full Tilt Rakeback All About?" It's been making quite a stir on blogs and forums. The guys who are talking about it act like everybody knows what they're talking about, but they don't This brief article is only meant to fill in the picture a little bit. For more info, go to

Let's start with "rakeback." No, let's start with "rake." In poker, a rake is what the casino charges for playing the game of poker. What they rake in from poker games is a percentage of the pot. Since the casino is not involved in the playing of a poker game, this is the only way they can profit from it, unlike in roulette and other games where the odds are stacked in their favor. goes into all of this in more detail, so check out what they have to say.

So now that we all understand what a rake is, it will be easy to understand what a "rakeback" is. Whether you're playing in a casino in Las Vegas or in an online casino, the casino is going to rake a percentage. A rakeback is a percentage of that percentage that the players can "rake back" from the casino. The percentages vary, depending on where you're playing. You'll have to check into that for yourself.

For now, the only thing you need to know is that when it all adds up, you can make quite a bit from accumulated rakebacks. The casinos offer you this as an incentive for you to play at their site again. Be sure you take advantage of it!

Now we're ready to go on to the Full Tilt part of the equation. If you don't know about the Full Tilt Poker website, you're missing out. It's one of the best online poker parlors there is and it's been around for a long, long time. It's the place where the pros go to play. Don't let that put you off, though. If you're not a pro, you don't have to play with them, but you can learn from them!

A lot of people who signed on to Full Tilt Poker did so before they discovered, so they didn't know about or take advantage of the fact that they could get rakebacks at Full Tilt. Nobody was doing a dirty on them - it just wasn't part of the deal when you joined up. Consequently, some old timers at FT have been missing out on a good thing.

That can be remedied, though. Just go to, sign up with them and they'll be sure to get you set up with a Full Tilt Rakeback. If you're already with FT, they'll help you get your existing account fixed up for you. - 31897

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Poker Card Systems, Why They Do Not Work

By Brendan Wilson

Being registered with many poker sites has its benefits and its disadvantages. With a huge option of games to play, different bonuses and competitions, I could be online 24/7 and always find a game to play, major tournament to qualify for (Ha! Ha!) and try to higher my standard. The downside is that I get a stack of junk email.

Some of these communications ask me to part with $20 upwards to invest in commit to a book that will revolutionize the way I play on the tables and pledging me riches beyond my wildest dreams. Headlines such as "Invest in the Whacky System" inform me that, for a small outlay, I will get the innermost secrets of professional poker players. In reality, these are all training courses which are broadly free online and bear most of the knowledge that one gets from simply playing - "When a man with money meets a man with experience, the man with experience leaves with money and the man with money leaves with experience." Anon.

Nonetheless, after a little investigation, I though I would try one out. One of these companies (who I will not grace by advertising their name) declares that you bet a "reasonable" amount when holding pocket pairs TT or higher, AJ, AQ or AK, and when holding suited connectors (5d 6d for instance). The "reasonable" amount was a bit unclear and this hardly represented advanced hand selection. But I carried on, deciding that I would bet the pot rather than go all in every hand and see how it went. Three SnGs later, this is what took place

Game 1 started with AA in mid-position. Was this a omen that I had chosen the right direction for my future poker play? I bet the pot. The flop came down, I was raised and bet the pot, which was re-raised and 4 us ended up all in. An A on the turn and I collected. Thank you system. Would I have got such a catch if I had gone all in at the beginning? Hmm? So, I carried on only betting on cards that fell into my criteria and folding everything else. The hands in which I was not playing provided a useful time to examine my opponents and the way they played. Who was aggressive. Who was passive. How table position affected the way that some people played and not others. I felt that I should be doing this more religiously, so in one respect it was time well utilized.

After 30 minutes, just three players remained. Some of my bets had won, some caused the table to fold and I just gathered the blinds. Then I hit AA again and lost to two pairs. The next hand I was out when, following the system, I ended up all in on 3s 4s. Third place and an education - not bad, although I would have got at least third place, I felt, with the cards I had been dealt.

Game 2 was all over in two hands. 3d 4d, followed by 6d 7d

In game 3, I did not obtain the cards to play a hand for the first 20 minutes, by which time four players had already departed and I was sitting 3 of 5. More time to learn about my opposition. I got AK, was raised to all in and picked up with two pairs. Several hands later, I am sitting 3 of 3 after my raises brought folds from my opponents and two had knocked themselves out. My stats at this point were; played 5 of 32, won 1 hand at showdown and 4 without.

The chip leader took out the third player, and we were heads up. I kept on playing to the system and he completely "sussed" what I was doing (if, in fact, he didn't know already). There would have been an eventual situation where I would have ended second as he was folding to any raise I made and I was folding any cards that did not adhere to the system. The blinds would have wiped me out ultimately. So, I abandoned the system, played my day-after-day game and won.

My conclusion is that systems don't work solely. You have to incorporate them into your regular strategies. Combining a system with luck will enable you to pick up a few runner up rewards but, is that what you really want? - 31897

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Improve Your Poker by Reading Opponent's Hands

By Billy Kernow

An essential skill of any poker player, whether you're playing online or offline, tournaments or ring games, is the ability to put your opponents on a range of hands. Your capacity to do this well in your game, will in large part establish your extended success in poker. However, qualifying your opponent's hand is one of the more complicated aspects of the game to master. These are a few tips to help you progress to being a good hand reader.

The most important factor is paying close attention to the game, even when you're not involved in a hand. Betting patterns and certain body language tells tend to be repeated over and over by many players, and learning to recognise these can give you a huge advantage. If an opponent plays out of his normal pattern, then you should stop and ask yourself why. Typically this means his hand is uncommon too, usualy indicating a moderately good, or rather weak hand which requires a decision.

Noticing your opponent's positional play will allow you to assemble solid assumptions about the strength of his hand. If he plays a lot of hands, his positional play won't mean much, but if he is by and large tight, solid hands from early position are rather customary, while opening up the range in later position.

Look at your opponent, not your cards when the deal comes. Glaring at the board is often the result of his hand improving. Looking away, or a quick check often means a potential draw or total miss. However, if he raised preflop and aces or face cards land on the flop, be careful of a trap.

It's important to consider the impact of the pot or betting action is going to have on his stack, or tournament hopes. If he is normally a tight player and is prepared to endanger more on the hand, then you can rationally presume he is strong. If he seems determined to keep the pot small, then the pot is very likely yours to take. Loose players are harder to translate in this case, and it's more vital for you to have a really strong hand than to even bother trying to read what their hole cards are.

Scrutinize how the betting and aggression changes AFTER the flop. Keep an eye on conviction that turns hesitation, or reverse. Practice guessing your opponent's hand before they turn it over. Again, you don't have to be in the hand, but you do have to observe the flop and follow the betting activity. Repeating this frequently will allow your evaluation of hole cards to become rather exact. - 31897

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Precisely Why Cereus Rakeback With Absolute Poker Is A Total Method For Earning Big Money

By Mitch Johannsson

Did you ever consider how gaming houses make their profit from on line poker? can show you how, as well as informing players of how to earn cash other than what's thrown into the pot. The prize is for the winner of the online game, less a rake or fee for the gaming host. Absolute Poker Rakeback is an earned percentage of the rake paid by the player, returned as motivation for them to stay at the table.

This works as members make a cash return from the fees paid for every hand to the poker rooms, so money is made regardless of skill or luck of the draw. The cash back incentive is from the contributions made during play from the affiliate. Web based casinos have lots of rivals for gaining associates.

A rake of up to ten percent of the pot will come with all poker games. When a professional event is happening, players may undoubtedly pay a rake for a buy in. This will occur when the initial wager is lost, but a player may desire to carry on in that particular round. Whatever the buy in amount is, a five percent rake will go to the house.

Poker players are just people that love the game and have engineered an expertise in the areas of bluffing, keeping their hand an undetectable secret, or knowing when to fold them and when they have a winning hand. There can be a table with up to ten players contributing to the rake. The most skilled card player in the online game wins the pot. has numerous poker strategies on hand to learn from.

In general, web based casinos will follow a system where a perimeter is exploited for the rake, so only a small percent of the pot is taken. An inducement of a greater percentage is afforded to the affiliate players to keep their interest in the game. Remember, earnings are made from sitting in on the online game, not just from winning the hand.

Online poker bonuses and banking fees charged for credit cards to deposit and withdraw into an online wallet, are taken from the player's rakeback if they are affiliated with the casino. Each player contributes towards the house's rake and the house might select to pay its members their rake at the end of each month. That's, after deductions are all accounted for.

Various forms of rakeback deals are on offer. Sit n Go Rakeback is popular method for players to trial. The fastest game is with Heads up Rakeback, so a lot more earnings are likely as more games are played. has info on how Absolute Poker rakeback can make players money while in a game. - 31897

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A Full Newbies Report For Internet Texas Holdem Rake Back

By Johnny Daniellson

If you are a normal online texas holdem player, you will wish to stay up to date about the most recent trends and practices in the market. One of the biggest things in online poker today is the rakeback. Being informed is particularly relevant to serious and regular players simply because it offers them an additional means of making cash, for instance with the Reefer poker rakeback . This article will assist you understand the rakeback and how it works.

The rake is really a small percentage of money from every hand in a pot that the poker room takes as a commission. This seemingly small quantity really adds up to a great deal when you think about the number of hands, rooms and players online at all times. The rake back is really a portion of this total that the room gives back to the player in the form of a refund. Essentially, this permits you to pay the room a lower commission each time you play a hand.

Normal online players tend to opt to sites like Reefer that provide a rakeback deal. This permits them to back up their poker income. The typical player who indulges only once in a while might not bother about the rake, but, those who invest a large amount of time in online poker are likely to be affected or at least take notice of having to pay the site each time they play. A rakeback deal through a site like is therefore the wise way to play.

It does not matter what your preference is in the poker room, you are able to select to play with a limit or without and still earn rakeback. Not all sites offer rakebacks and not all that do are trustworthy. It's best to opt for a dependable website like where you could be sure of regular rakeback payments into your account.

The quantity of the rake back will depend on the amount you play and also the bet limits you set. Normally players get offered 25% to 50% as a rakeback deal. This means for every dollar paid to the poker room via the rake, you get back 25 to 50 cents. In the long term this adds up to a huge savings.

There are professional players who make hundreds just in poker rakeback dollars. This is a strategy that poker rooms employ to keep regular players, by allowing them to play each hand at a reduced rate. It can also be utilized to appeal to new players. Casinos use the same principle when they provide complementary food or rooms to important poker players who they wish to retain as clients.

If you are thinking of seriously getting involved in the on line poker world, rakeback is definitely the method to go. Playing with a site like Reefer Poker lets you earn and save while you play. - 31897

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Learn About Of The Titan Poker Bonus Tutorial - What You Could Know About

By Damond W. Austin

Omaha Hi, Texas Holdem, 5 and 7 Card Stud are just some of the beloved poker games enjoyed by millions of people. These games can even be played online today, with the advancement of the internet. People from all over the world are able to interact with one another on a regular basis and play poker from the comfort of their own homes. The Titan Poker Bonus Tutorial is provided by an online poker gaming phenomenon that provides games and tournament to players worldwide.

Titan Poker is an online poker room that thousands of players flock to on a daily basis. These aren't just players in one country either, this online phenomenon is worldwide. It is easily the most well known place to play online poker. There are tables available all day long and the tournaments offer prizes so large that many high-rolling poker players are drawn towards this online service. There are a variety of poker games offered by Titan and getting started is easy with the tutorial they provide.

Playing poker is the best way to get better at the game. No matter how many books a person reads on the subject, it takes interaction with other players to fully understand all that is entailed in the game itself. For Texas Holdem, a round can begin with as many as ten players per table. The dealer is the group is marked with a D by his position online. This task of being the dealer is delegated in a counterclockwise fashion. The next two people to the dealer's left are in charge of placing the blinds.

In a typical round of Texas Holdem, there can be as many as ten players at a table. The person who is the dealer of the group has a D in front of their online position. The game is started when the two people to the left of the dealer post blinds. The dealer position will rotate counterclockwise throughout the game. Blinds ensure that there is money in the pot for the winner of each game. The person to the left of one dealer posts the small blind and the person next in line posts the big blind.

The pocket cards are given to them face down and the play continues to the left of these players. The next person can fold, call, or raise, with the amount of the raise being already set by the lower table stake. For instance, in a 5/10 dollar game, the first raise would be 5 dollars. After the raise, The Flop is dealt, which are three community cards.

The maximum amount of the raise is set in accordance to the amount of each lower table stake, for example, it would be 5 dollars in a 5/10 dollar game. There are three cards dealt face up and these community cards are called The Flop.

So, in a 5/10 dollar game, the stakes would jump to 10 dollars during this round. The fourth round is played like the third, but this is actually the final round in the game of Texas Holdem. During this round, known as The Showdown, players can fold their cards or show them.

The final fourth round is played the same as the third round and the end is called The Showdown. During this portion of the game, players have the choice of folding or showing their hand of cards. Winning entails having the highest ranking five cards. If two players tie for this position, the winning pot is split. At the end of the game, the online player can start a new game or quit. Upon reading the Titan Poker Bonus Tutorial, players may choose to join Titan Poker and will have a bonus code to enter. This code provides them with added incentives to join the online gaming room of their choice. Don't forget about 150% up to $600 Bonus + $25 FREE BONUS + $20,000 Freeroll entry on first deposit. USe Titan Poker bonus code : TP600 - 31897

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